Friday, December 28, 2007

Smoking is a beauty

To me, smoking cigs in a room inside is like me spending time with a woman in there. I don't like being disturbed when it's just me and my menthols. Especially if I'm watching smoking women on my computer.

I think how deep I inhale drags on a cig tells me how much I enjoy the cig. Because it seems like now when I smoke other menthols, they taste good. But I hold my inhales more when smoking Newports. Even though I'm a menthol lover, I can't turn down a cig offer from a lady who happens to smoke regulars.

If menthols neva existed, I wouldn't be smoking cigs at all. Because I was always interested in smoking menthols. I do remember smoking MLs a few times in the beginning. But when I really wanted to become a smoker, buying a Newport pack was the only thang on my mind.

Yeah, I know menthols are more dangerous to smoke (You can't scare me with that sheet!), and I read those BS articles before about smokers of my heritage having a betta chance of getting lung cancer since I supposedly inhale deepa than a smoker of regulars.

But I know we all live once. So it's betta to pull out a cig, flick your lighta, and enjoy life! That advice applies to ALL smokers.

My advice for antismokers is to take a chill pill. While you're so concerned about seeing people smoke in a Chicago tavern next year, maybe it's gonna take a bro (or sista for that matta) coming outta nowhere to give you a friendly reminder about more important issues in life than smoking. I bet seeing those tavern smokers would be the last thang on your mind if you felt a weapon on your body.

Of course, if you happen to be smoking in the streets, that bro/sis might be friendly with you if you offa him/her a cig or a light. It's just unfortunate I can still see more female smokers getting approached like that if the females are smoking while alone outside. And no I don't mean a dude coming up to a chick and asking her for a cig or a light.

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