Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Smokers are not the only ones who are against smoking bans

I've heard of a few nonsmoking tavern owners who hate smoking bans. One tavern owner in Chicago had nothing against a group of smokers lighting up in the pool room of his tavern. He even hinted to me "I don't give a squat about what the city of Chicago thinks."

I bet when 2008 starts, a long list of tavern owners will show their displeasure of losing customers and money. Never mind nonsmokers who believe smoking is a right.

Chicago antis in that article's comments area seem to think smoking bans don't hurt businesses. Well honey, you will be in for a rude awakening when we hear how much Chicago businesses lost afta 2008 is over. I'll predict something like a total of 100 million bucks lost within the first few months. Even the casinos in Joilet will lose money.

That sounds like a fair number. Since there are lots of adults-only joints in the city. The number of revenues lost for IL hospitality businesses as a whole (afta a full year of a smoke free IL) might make me puke.

Who the F said lots of smokers fly airplanes anyway? An airplane doesn't offer games to play with your money, and they don't offer live entertainment while you fly (ie: a ban performance). I had to laugh at that comparison between getting used to smoke-free airplanes and smoke-free casinos. A casino ain't the same thang as an airplane! Even a nonsmoker knows that!

I'm used to smoke-free planes all right. I'm SO used to them, I don't botha visiting freakin Ohare airport! Maybe if I ever did fly from Chicago to Hawaii, I'll look into a private jet.

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