Thursday, December 27, 2007

Seniors/disabled ones who are smokers have rights too

Senior smokers is one topic I neva brought up before in my blog. I can connect to these longtime smokers in one way. I'm a smoker with a disability myself. And I plan on smoking for 50-60 years too if I end up living a long life. Because I am not gonna quit an enjoyable habit that gives me a heavenly feeling.

Smoking bans not only hurt businesses, but smoking bans kill innocent people who have smoked for 40-60 years too. Because this ban will force senior smokers to smoke outside even if it's 10 degrees. And even I know smokers of that nature can't be outside in dangerous conditions like that.

And then there's the issue of those smokers having problems walking around. How can a senior smoker walk 15 feet away from a door when it's gonna take a long time for him/her to reach the "15 feet mark?" I hope those seniors don't injure themselves while trying to move around outside and find a place to smoke.

Seniors and disabled ones deserve a break when it comes to smoking bans. I don't like smoking in the cold myself. I may not be someone who has smoked for 50 years or more. But with cerebral palsy, it's tough for even me to walk around outside in snow and nice without injuring myself.

You certainly don't have to be a smoker for 50+ years in order to understand the stupidity, and freedom violations behind smoking bans. You just need some common sense to understand the truth behind smoking bans.

Do you think workers in a nursing home would care if a senior smoker died while smoking in dangerous weather? NO WAY! But they WOULD care if that senior smoker's family filed a lawsuit against the nursing home for that death caused by a smoking ban.

Actually, I'd sue Blago too if I had someone in my family who died while smoking outside of a nursing home from the weather. Since he signed the freakin bill.

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