Sunday, December 2, 2007

Random Thoughts

Seems like in modern times, more people hate smelling cig smoke, let alone cigar smoke too. Some people think smokers are supposed to look filthy as well. I've been told before I don't look like a smoker.

How is a smoker supposed to look? I've seen lots of pretty-looking women who smoke. And the men I've seen smoke seem to keep themselves clean.

It cracks me up to see people in public waving their hands in front of their faces as they walk past smokers. I dunno what's so stinking about the smell of tobacco smoke. I have smelled thangs that REALLY stink. If nonsmokers think the smell of that SHS stinks, they oughta try taking a whiff of the inside of a trash can! Neva mind the fumes coming out of a truck.

Oh, how about the smell of a public restroom that's not kept clean at all times? That "second-hand bathroom odor" might make you pass out if you ain't careful!

Most people don't want visitors smoking in their own homes. I wouldn't smoke in their homes anywya because I won't bother visiting them. But people are welcome to smoke to their heart's content in my home. They don't have to worry about ME waiving my hands or making fake coughs.

It's funny nonsmokers will snitch about the smell of SHS. But they don't say anythang when walking past a trash can or trash dump. I guess trash odor is OK since inhaling the odor smell won't kill you? Please! With all due respect to this brainwashed society, I'd ratha smell a room with lots of SHS in it instead of a trash can or a trash dump.

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