Thursday, December 13, 2007

A lotta thangs are illegal, antismokers!

I am appalled at one antismoker on that Trib forum..I basically said if the govt wants to protect me, they could ban guns for starters. Afta all, if guns neva existed, even my good side would agree there would be a significant drop in crimes and fewer deaths.

This sad person tells me I'm stupid because shooting someone is illegal.

No duh, "sir!" Just because shooting someone is illegal doesn't mean people will neva die from gun shots. Heck, people getting shot to death in Chicago happens a lot. And the gun shooters neva get caught since they know how to avoid authorities.

It's illegal for a kid to own a gun. But kids own em anyway in some areas of Chicago.

Heck, a lotta stuff in this world is illegal it ain't funny. Doesn't mean nobody neva engages into those illegal activities.

But the funny thang is cigarettes are legal! And antis wanna make smoking cigs sound like smoking weed!

Don't think that since you neva smoke, you will live forever. We all live and die, and not smoking doesn't guarantee a long life. I heard of lots of folks younger than me who died before 25 and they neva smoked a cig in their lives! Death can hit us at any given time.

I sincerely hope that an anti will neva get in the way of a bullet's path or becomes a crime target. Because tragic thangs can happen to an anti at any time. But I wouldn't feel sorry at all for an anti's family if he/she died. This world is betta off without fascists.

If that's rude, I'm soooo sorry. But one of my freedoms is speech as an American. If you don't like hearing my speech, please leave my blog. I won't feel hurt with my feelings at all if you can't stand hearing from a smoker who's prosmoking all the way.

There are lots of prosmokers out there. They just haven't seen the world of smoking activists.

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