Thursday, December 13, 2007

Laws are still broken and that will always happen

One of those antis mentioned how Blacks eating in a restaurant is a boon. Yeah, that's a benefit for Blacks. You got a darn problem with me eating in a restaurant?

That law which allows me to eat in a USA restaurant doesn't mean prejudice against Blacks is gone. Do you think a law protecting me means the days of hate crimes are over? Far from it! I know what would happen to THAT anti if he stepped into a rough hood full of Blacks. And the KKK still exists even though there's a law protecting me (or SUPPOSEDLY protecting me).

Same thang applies to a smoking ban law. Just because we have a smoking ban doesn't mean you will see no more smokers in IL. You will see smokers AND owners breaking that law. And will there be violence assosciated with that breaking of a smoking ban? Heck yea, when we have cop raids!

I got every darn right to eat in ANY restaurant since "American" is part of my label. But if I can't smoke in there, that violates my otha right as an right to smoke in places. And I will always keep saying if antis hate smelling smoke in places, don't GO to the place "holes."


dumpstermcnuggets said...
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dumpstermcnuggets said...

You're darn right about businesses disobeying smoking bans. Heck, when I've traveled to communities within this state that already have 100% comprehensive smoking bans and/or partial bans in effect(i.e. Evanston, Normal, Chicago), I still once in a while luck out in having sightings of employees and customers light up, despite whatever types of businesses that one community may choose to prohibit smoking at.

Definitely check this site out, for a hint of what I think will happen here after January 1st: :)