Monday, December 10, 2007

IL makes a lil bit more than $2 billion/day in cig sales

I'm still appalled to hear how much the state govt makes off of cig sales even for just one day. Oh I believe it. It's just part of me keeps asking "What is the address of the place in Springfield that receives their share of tax money from cig sales? They could share some of that profit with me."

Nah, I wouldn't do that in reality. But I now believe greed is behind these constant rises on the different tobacco taxes. A NON-smoking sis asked me once "Wouldn't they decrease the cig prices if the govt depends on smokers' money? Because if I smoked, I would NEVER pay 8 freakin bucks for a pack. Even if I was down to my last 8 bucks in life, I wouldn't spend it on a pack."

I get her point. Common sense would say in order to make more money off of smokers, then you would decrease the taxes on it. I mean after all even if the tax for cigs was only 30 cents/pack (as part of the govt's profit), that's $30 million if I multiply .30 x 1 million smokers!

If the IL govt can't live off of 30 million bucks per day from Illinois smokers, then they are the greediest mothaF'kas I have ever heard of! No wonder they keep their snail addresses anonymous! Because if some folks in my town realized how much IL collects off of smokers, they would probably drive down to Springfield to meet those politicians living off of smokers' money.

Yes, I know they use that money to support stop-smoking programs and to support the anti orgs. But I can imagine some of that 2 billion bucks going into their pockets!

I don't intend on quitting. But I'm not feeding IL politicians' pockets anymore with buying cigs! If I could I'd actually move outta this state. I can't live in a state that abuses my money and tells me "Thank you for smoking " by not giving me a darn place to smoke at in IL aside from homes and cars! I don't even remember the last time I bought a pack in IL period!

I just hope those politicians protect themselves. Because when the rich gets richer, that makes the poor more jealous.

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