Friday, December 21, 2007

I smoke. So deal with it!

I hope all readers of my blog have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

For any antis reading my blog, I'll be nice in saying I sincerely hope you realize there are MORE important issues in this world instead of "deadly SHS" and "smokers who stink." While you spend all of your time trying to wipe tobacco off of planet Earth, don't forget about helping out otha people. Especially those who find it hard to make even one buck in this world.

I saw a cool shirt the otha day in a smoke shop. It said "I smoke. So F'king deal with it!"

Here's a warning I read on another shirt.

"WARNING: Harassing smokers can be dangerous to your health."

I couldn't agree more on both of those. If you don't like me being a smoker, please get out of my face (to put it nicely). Because harassing me for my right to smoke can be dangerous indeed. I saw it for myself one time in 2005 when this punky-A motha approached some smokers outside. I definitely remember him saying "It's illegal for you guys to be smoking cigs!"

And afta the two teen brothas tried asking him to leave them alone a few times, the requests led to cussing, and then it led to that lowlife person getting bullied BIG TIME!

I can only laugh at the idea of smokers being weak. But I know seeing kids smoking in the streets and apporaching them is a dumb idea. Especially if it's in an area of the town with nobody walking around to see what's going on.


Jason T said...

I owe no apologies for that post I made. But I'd be lying if I thought the new year will be happy for Illinois smokers. Seems like everytime when I think of antis, the state smoking ban, and especially Blago, I honestly can't see happiness.

I can see a lotta thangs I feel is inappropriate to bring up for even my blog. Since I respect those smokers who don't believe "V" is the answer to fighting back against smoking bans.

But I know in my city, you might have betta luck trying to talk to your friend or lover (and settle differences) than to try talking nicely to an anti. An anti to me is now like a smoking KKK person. I got LOTS of fantasies on confronting antis by myself that only certain smokers in this town would agree with.

I neva lied about an anti confronting me while I was ALONE in the streets. Since I wasn't alone at that confrontation I brought up.

I love hearing about smoking ban violators partly because that's similar to a underage smoker here with the attitude of "F the law. I'm gonna do whateva the heck it takes to get smokes and drinks! You with me?"

I hope a lot of IL owners will essentially say "F the smoking ban! I'll do whateva it takes to make money by letting my customers smoke. And if you don't like it, then do NOT enter my business, hole!"

I honestly hope owners violating bans won't lead to "V" from authorities raiding businesses. Because that type of "V" ain't the same as the normal V I have seen and heard about in my lifetime. And V in a bar only because of a ban being violated is just about as stupid as someone killing his lover over a silly-A argument.

dumpstermcnuggets said...

I'm gonna be completely honest to ya, Jay: while I think some within the anti-smoking minority(within the non-smoking majority) may become more obnoxious about their hatred of smokers after January 1st, I truly do think that the amount of people deluded into believing such nonsense about smoking isn't as major or widespread as certain people in the world make it out to be.

I continue to take solstice in the fact that most non-smokers aren't that ridiculously obnoxious about their hatred of smokers, and as long as they don't mock me(i.e. the idiots that do fake coughing, yell insults about smoking, etc.) or blindly spit out health risks about smoking, I don't mind them. Finally, it'll be interesting to see if after the ban starts, if the percentage of IL smokers actually inches up somewhat, a la what occurred in Ireland after that country's ban began in 2004.