Monday, December 24, 2007

I saw a state ban commercial

I saw it on TV today. A Chicago Blackhawk player reminding everyone that IL will be smoke-free as of January 1. And for more info go to (sponsored by the ACS)

I wish they can take that stupid commercial off of the TV! I don't need any more reminders about the IL state ban.

As long as packs are 8-10 bucks in Chicago, you are not gonna see an increase of ADULT smokers in Chicago. The state might be a different story since packs ain't 8-10 bucks throughout the whole state.

I wouldn't be surprised at an increase of underage smoking though. Although fire-safe cigs being sold in IL might help cut that down as well. I doubt a teen is interested in smoking a cig with more chemicals in it.

If more people start smoking in Illinois among those who are 18 or older, that would be news to me. Since Illinois sells fire safe cigs.

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