Friday, December 21, 2007

Fire-safe cigarettes

Fire-safe cigarettes are cigarettes that go out on their own as you smoke them. And you gotta kep relighting them when they DO go out. And sometimes fire-safes do NOT go out on their own...they keep on burning in the ashtrays.

The taste of fire-safe cigs makes me wanna puke sometimes. A normal cig tastes MUCH betta than fire-safes.

I haven't heard much on the fire-safes being sold in IL during 2007. I guess that means most of the IL smokers in these groups buy their smokes somewhere else...including myself. :)

I notice a Newport pack in Indiana is now $4.69. Hard to believe a pack of my brand was only 3 bucks in Indiana a year ago. Well, even with their price increase, $4.90 is still cheaper than 8 bucks in Chicago...actually 10 BUCKS in Chicago if the proposed fed cig tax increase is approved.

If you expect me to pay 10 freakin bucks for a pack of fire safe cigs in Illinois, you must think you talking to a smoker in his teens. I can get a better deal for smokes in the streets with a 10-buck bill if I went that route.


dumpstermcnuggets said...

You've actually once tried fire-safe cigs before, Jay? If so, that's interesting, since I didn't think you had.

Ironic too you posted this, since I was considering post a topic on the boardhost board Smoking Ladies about this, due to certain allegations I've read online that fire safe cigs actually contain more toxins in them, than non-fire safe cigs(still may post such a thread later, when I have more free time).

On top of this issue, the upcoming statewide ban, and a proposed 90 cent cig tax increase that certain particular idiot IL anti lawmakers keep renewing the final action date of(also called HB 556, which can be seen at ), still wonder anymore why I've often restated my dream of moving away from IL? (not to mention unrelated issues away from smoking that also bother me about IL) Thought not....

Jason T said...

I tried a pack of cigs from NY State in 2004. And those Reds/Newports were FSCs indeed.

No, I have not bought a pack of fire-safes in Illinois. And I likely neva will.

dumpstermcnuggets said...

OK, I see I was wrong, and that you've had the misfortune of trying them once. It's too bad that all the stuff I've heard about them seems to be true, especially since I used to think(before I started smoking) that there was little difference between fire-safe cigs, and regular cigs.

I think I can safely conclude, as much as I hate to say it, that they are WORSER to smoke than regular cigarettes, due to the fact that one person already complained on the Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes website that he called RJ Reynolds, and a person working for the company told him that a chemical is added to fire-safe cigs, in the production of them. This is also the same company, that recently announced that they will soon be switching to selling exclusively fire-safe cigs(look at the very bottom comment of the 3):