Sunday, December 9, 2007

Don't order cigs from an online tobacco shop that ain't USA-based

I notice from my research online of tobacco shops, all of the non-USA based shops claim they don't report orders. Since they're not located in the USA.

And they probably don't report orders at all. BUT...I also read about several customers of these shops getting their orders seized. Meaning those smokers never got those very cheap cartons from Europe.

My conclusion: Even though foreign smoke shops online are not required to report orders, there IS that risk of you not getting your orders period. My best bet is if you really want to smoke European cigs, maybe you can visit or move to one of those European countries.

What's the point of ordering cartons from an European smoke shop online if someone is gonna steal your order (while it's in the delivery process)? And besides, I can't wait a F'king 4 weeks to get fresh cartons. I need my little friends from those cartons 365 days a year!

Getting your orders seized is the opposite of a shop reporting your orders to your home state every month. If an European smoke shop took your order but you never received the cartons. And the shop won't refund you, guess what? You got SCAMMED! And that's WORSE than me receiving back tax letters from Springfield!

Yes, even shops selling items online can scam you. Not just online and offline investment scammers.

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