Monday, December 31, 2007

A classic antismoking quote.

The following quote is a citation from this linked page.

A related article to this page (on Marriott having all smoke-free) can be found by CLICKING THIS.

Terri says:

"Hell Yes, the smoking ban is a good idea. I am sick and tired of having to deal w/other people's bad and filthy habits. I think all smokers should be moved to their own filthy ashtray planet."

Well Terri, it's a wonder why you never decided to stay in a non-smoking hotel room. I read that Marriott is spending more money on the maintenance of all of those non-smoking rooms, and all of those non-smoking rooms are not filled up at the Mariotti hotels.

You think I deserve to be on anotha planet? I pay a lot of taxes as an American. If I'm gonna pay taxes I'm gonna smoke. Whetha you like it or not!

You sound like a lil girl in your quote instead of a mature woman. And you sound like you need some professional help. You also sound like you want trouble. Because I'd shove you to the ground as hard as I could if you think I belong on my own filthy planet. I got two words for you "ma'am." GROW UP!

This is a classic example of an anti I can not simply ignore if I ran into her in public.

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