Friday, December 7, 2007

Cigarette Ads

If you want to read an article on the controversy behind a new Camel ad, CLICK THIS.

A link to the ad itself is included in the article.

I hope these folks who dispute the validity of modern cig ads remember that cig ads are hardly a factor in kids' decisions to start smoking. IMO, ads never were a factor even when the ads used to be more popular in society. I mean after all, if ads played a factor for real, I would've seen peers smoking more than just Newports and Marlboro Lights from my teen days. One girl at my HS told me "Virginia Slims? YUCK!" The VA Slim ads never motivated her to try that brand!

I remember Joe Camel very well. But Joe Camel never motivated me to start smoking on Camels. As a matter of fact, I never had an interest in Camels.

Seeing family members and peers smoking is what motivated me to try smoking as a teen. None of them ever smoked Camels either. LOL!!!

I've seen ads dealing with MENTHOL Camels before too....the cigarette flavor I prefer. But I'm not gonna try Camel Menthols just because I saw ads for them.

The Camel ad I saw is very cartoon-like. But it doesn't motivate kids to try smoking in my eyes. Heck, I'm not even motivated to try Camels myself afta seeing the ad!

If you draw a brotha-like guy with a leather jacket on, give him some shades, and put a cig in his mouth, that would be my version of a true cartoon cig ad. Since kids would connect smoking with other thrills in life (such as driving a motorcycle...those 80's Kool ads with motorcycle guys in them were nice).

I know if Big Tobacco is gonna make a cig ad and even if the intent is not to promote smoking to kids, the theme of the ad needs to be related with thrills. Since a lot of young smokers in modern times are also thrill-seekers. Big Tobacco usually has nature-themed ads. Smoking is glamorous...but even the thrill-seeking kids know themselves smoking ain't as bad as the teachers make it sound. As in "I know smoking is cool and a beautiful habit. But give one good reason to at least experiment with this brand other than using a nature-like scene."

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