Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Being a smoker then and being a smoker now

When I was little, I saw cigarette ads on outdoor billboards and in tons of mags for all audiences. Who can forget the days when there was a cig ad on the back cover of every mag out there? I even think I saw more adult brothas/adult sistas smoking back in the 80s.

I rememba seeing cig vending machines not just in restaurants, but even in places like Dunkin Donuts! If I had money and was old enough to understand how to put money into it, I would've been able to buy a Newport pack easy as heck.

Those were also the days when you could smoke in ballpark seats, and a pack of cigs was nearly the same price for a box of Little Debbie cakes. Smoking was allowed on airplanes in the early 80s.

Oh, I can't forget the days when ALL fast food joints were crowded in Chicago! You could smoke in ANY area of a fast food restaurant, and you would've been lucky to find a seat at all.

Now, we live in a time where it's tough to find even one cig ad in a mag (they ain't on the back covers anymore), you can't even smoke in the concourse area of ballparks, cig vending machines are only in adult-only places now, and restaurants are HARDLY crowded on a regular basis now! A homeless person could practically LIVE in those empty McDonald's in downtown Chicago!

I wonder if cig vending machines are banned altogetha, since you can't even smoke in a Chicago tavern within the next 2 weeks.

Times have changed for smokers. I don't need to mention those people in the streets with their fake coughs, and hand waving, and the BS pack prices.

My desire is to bring back the gold old days of smoking. But in order for that to happen, we need to have court cases related with smoking issues, and see some folks challenge the numerous claims from antis (challenge in court I mean). As long as smokers don't challenge the antis to a fight, smokers nationwide (and not just in IL) will NOT get their rights back.

I mean challenge antis to prove those lies in a LEGAL fight. Although a literal fight with an anti is one fantasy I have....

I wish I could make packs cheap again with a magic wand. Cheaper prices would help cut down on the number of folks bumming cigs from othas.

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