Saturday, December 29, 2007

2008 is almost here

I dunno what the new year will bring. But if you like smoking cigars on New Years, I hope you have a good time smoking that stogie outdoors.

If you're a cig smoker in IL, I'd recommend smoking eitha cigars or making your own cigs. I am NEVA smoking a fire-safe cig again. But I neva bought my cigs in IL during 2007 anyway.

It's cruel to expect me to pay a lotta of money for 20 cigs that taste like sheet as fire-safes. ANd then on top of that, I can't even smoke inside of places anymore.

Some IL smokers are thinking of moving outta state. Although I gave advice like that myself (and although I can't move outta state), I say "Go for it if you wanna move."

If you smoke, you're not welcome in IL anymore. But that doesn't mean IL will neva revoke the state ban eitha. As someone said once, if we can get a large group of smokers and owners from otha states with smoking bans...then we might have a good chance of revoking the IL state ban down the line.

I like posting in here because I like to write. And I can be myself in here. It's a lil bit easier to post in here since I don't have to worry about watching my mouth.

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dumpstermcnuggets said...

I still do not philosophically think the same way as Bill Williams( founder and webmaster) does on this, but I sometimes have increasingly wondered in my mind as of late whether Bill's suggestion during an interview he did for a new type of system that'd distinguish smoking and non-smoking businesses apart(by businesses either choosing to be fully smoking, or fully non-smoking), and already what certain cities and towns in Alabama have adopted over imposing total bans, would finally do the trick of overturning IL's ban plus bans in other states: