Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What would smoke-free restaurants do without drive thrus?

McDonald's is lucky they have drive thrus because that fast food chain would've died in Chicago a few years ago when smoking was banned in their restaurants,

I can understand the point of not even making drive thru orders as a smoker. Because that's essentially the same thing as supporting the smoke-free restuarant.

But if drive thrus were illegal, then even major chains like McDs, KFC, and Wendy's would be outta business in cities/states with smoking bans.

As I told someone recently, before the days of smoking bans, you would be lucky to find a place to sit at in a fast food restaurant in my town! But now those fast food places in Chicago are practically empty in all areas of the city. And in my area of the town, it's soooo empty inside Popeyes, the workers in there don't say a word if they see a person or 2 actually smoking inside. Too bad not all areas of the city will give smokers a break of that nature.

Those fast food places are still making money not just because of them being major chains. But also because of those drive thrus that supposedly accomodate smoking customers.

Where would those fast food places be at without drive thrus? They would probably go outta business for good like the mom-pop businesses.

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