Saturday, November 24, 2007

Smokers shouldn't spend moeny where they ain't welcome at

A smoker spending money in a smoke-free casino is wrong. That's like the smoker saying "Oh I hate the smoking ban and I'm not welcome to smoke in this casino. But I'm still gonna spend my money in here."

If you can't smoke in the casino, why bother spending money in there in the first place? That's like living in the old days if someone told me "You can sit in the back, or eat outside of our restaurant. But you're still welcome to buy food in here."

If I can't sit in the front, but I can still buy food in that hypothetical restaurant, no thanks. I'm going to a restaurant where I'd be totally welcome to sit in the front.

Of course, a smoker in IL won't find a "smoker-friendly restaurant/casino" in 2008. But the logic is still the same. If you're not welcome to smoke in a casino although you're allowed to spend your money in there...don' t enter the nonsmokers-only casino. (Well, it's essentially for nonsmokers only....)

I know if someone told me "You can't eat in here since you're colored. But you can still spend your money in here and take your food home or outside" I'd ask to see the darn manager of that place to find out why he/she is promoting that 2nd class treatment.

I wouldn't ask a casino manager why I can't smoke in there. I'd just avoid the casino altogether.

That person who commented on here that "Smokers don't have their own communities unlike Blacks" that's a good point. We could use a smokers' hood in order to make smokers become more united and to encourage them to fight the antismoking hysteria together. Black communities certainly helped African-Americans become stronger as a group over the decades.

I think the same thing would happen (with smokers becoming stronger as a group) if we had smokers communities. At least antis would neva think of entering a smokers community. Because basically speaking, if you smoke, you're safe from trouble.

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