Friday, November 23, 2007

Smoke ban WILL mean less cash for the casinos

Here's an article recently posted within my group entitled "Smoke Ban May Mean Less Cash for Casinos." ARTICLE LINK

I didn't read the article, because the title of this article caught my attention the most. It caught my attention because it's slightly misleading. That title needs to say smoke ban WILL mean less cash for casinos.

"Smoke ban may mean less cash to casinos." LOL...that title sure is a laugh! Did the anti-tobacco fans forget smoking and gambling go hand-in-hand like a cig and a beer mug?

Not that I gamble. But it's not a lie I've seen lots of smokers on my past visits to Harrah's in Joliet. Seriously. Some of those folks even dangle cigs in their mouths while playing those slot machines and playing at those card/poker tables.

As a matter of fact, there are so many smokers in a casino, good luck in catching every one of em if you a smoke cop reading this.

One business that won't suffer with a state ban is revenue the Cubs make. Fans will still light up in restrooms. I dunno if the Cubs will enforce no smoking in restrooms/concession areas with security/off-duty cops walking up and down the concessions area next year. But people still smoked secretly in the ballpark.

Smoking bans do not make smokers quit. Smoking bans make people smoke in criminal fashion. One idea of "criminal fashion" is a smoker being "shielded" by friends who look around to see if anyone suspicious approaches them.

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