Monday, November 5, 2007

A quote from an Heartland article

Here's a quote from the Heartland Institute, an organization based in Chicago. They're like the opposite version of the ACS and the ALA. Heartland is an organization (founded in 1984) that supports smokers' rights in other words. They actually believe in protecting all kinds of freedoms in America.

But anyway, I'd like to comment on this cited article quote at the Heartland Institute site:

"My sympathies are with the kid next door who has asthma who has to put up with a pollutant crossing the border," explained Democratic Councilman Philip Andrews."

I'd like to know how the heck can pollutants from someone else's house transfer over to someone else's crib, when the windows are closed at both houses? I've heard before how folks complain about smeling smoke from someone else's house. But what is the mothafreakin' big deal? Maybe if you smelled THICK smoke coming from someone else's house, dial 911 if you wanna be a hero.

And even if the windows are open, wouldn't the SHS drift up into the air instead of going into someone else's crib?

The best solution I have for that asthmatic kid next door is: Keep your darn windows closed if you don't wanna smell smoke coming from next door. And I personally have NEVER smelled cig smoke coming from my neighbor's crib anyway. If I did smell it, I wouldn't "B" about the SHS smell. I might go over there ans ask if we can smoke together. Especially if its a lady.

I heard in CA, you can report a smoker to the cops if you smell smoke coming outta the smoker's crib. That's crazy. I could see reporting someone for harassing you. But reporting someone for smoking a legal product in his/her OWN home?

I know if this was 1967 instead of 2007, people would be saying "THat antismoker needs to see a psychiatrist for reporting his neighbor to the cops just for the anti smelling cig smoke coming from next door."

I have a VERY GOOD feeling what would happen in Chicago if antis tried pulling off of that tatic here. If an anti reports a smoker to the cops here, that anti might smell "smoke" of a different kind coming from next door as a result. And if the anti survives that "smoke" from weapons, he oughts be thankful to still be alive.

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