Thursday, November 22, 2007

My reply to a comment on here from "x"

Reply to a comment further down on this blog...LINK TO COMMENT

I wrote my reply as a seperate post for all blog viewers to see instead of having them scroll down.

You right. Smokers are not in a community all by themselves unlike us Blacks. But it would be cool to have a city where smokers are only welcome. And people can smoke in any building in that smoker-friendly city.

I know if Hillary hates tobacco, brothas and sistas are gonna do whateva it takes to get cigs cheaply, myself included. I'm sure otha smokers will switch to the MYO tobacco or maybe to the cigars.

Making tobacco expensive as heck won't make ME quit under any circumastances. If Hillary doesn't like that, she can split away from me in nice terms.

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