Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm a first class American, and screw ALL antis!

When it comes to a state smoking ban, I don't have to obey sheet. I'm a first class person and I WANT first-class treatment!

I'm fortunate to be living in America, and I'm thankful for that. But even though I'm an American, I still gotta bust my behind off just to make money. And then I pay lots of taxes just like any other American, including other American smokers.

It pees me off to hear about the rich getting richer in this country and the poor getting poorer.

Smokers themselves get poorer by the month it seems like with higher cig taxes. The states in the early 2000s blamed online smoke shops (as their reason for raising the taxes). Well if a pack was only 75 cents as it should be, you would not see a single tobacco shop online. Not even MYO online shops.

How do I get rewarded for just trying to live as an innocent American? I'm told to smoke my legal cigs outside. And I gotta obey no smoking signs at every place I walk into. Heck, when someone says "Take it outside!" they always yell like they talking to a thug.

This country is not the land of the free. You can pay taxes, you can make money (although I need luck just to get hired period), and you can even feed the state of Illinois property taxes once every 6 months. can't smoke in Illinois anymore.

I'm sorry, but that's just screwed up (and that's the truth). As much money as I gotta pay the state of Illinois in the form of taxes and just to have a roof over my head, I think someone demanding me to "Take it outside!" is no different from someone telling me to "Get outta my face!" or someone calling me the N word.

People in society wonder why a lot of "us" represent a lot of criminals out there. Well not to defend them, but I think if it was easier for "us" to get hired, you probably WOULD see fewer criminals out there. I dunno how they can live if nobody is wiling to hire them, And it's funny there's a law against this....that law needs to be extended to not even using racism as a hidden reason for not hiring a person.

Likewise, people in society wonder why some smokers are doing illegal things themselves just to get cigs. I've read about cig heists in online articles before. Maybe if packs were as cheap as a candy bar, you would never hear of smokers pulling off cig-related robberies. Stealing cigs is stupid, but when a pack is 8 bucks, what do you expect to see as ONE of the results?

Getting those cig prices down would help get rid of online smoke shops, it would help smokers save money on gas (since they drive miles just to save money on cartons), and it would put an end to criminals who go after cartons instead of money.

I am not condoning getting cigs illegally. But despite how high a pack costs, there are smokers who will do whatever it takes to get cigs. In my case, I'll do whatever it takes to save money on my habit legally by not buying them within IL.

I feel a little bit better after writing this. I would love to smoke in Rod's face. He's one person in IL who deserves to see how I feel about a state smoking ban!

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