Friday, November 2, 2007

If you buy cigs online and you're in Oregon, file your back taxes!

I found a PDF document online where smokers in Oregon gotta fill out this tax form and report their internet orders of cigs THEMSELVES (instead of the state looking into the issue)

If this trend continues with the other states, where states will ask smokers to report their out-of state/internet cig orders themselves, then good luck if the state of Oregon thinks a smoker is actually gonna fill out a tax form like this.

I like this idea in regards to the topic of internet cig orders. I would have to voluntarily pay the taxes by reporting the orders to the state myself.

But if you think I'm gonna ever report orders I made myself online or out of state myself out of the goodness of my heart...I can only blow smoke at that idea. I'd probably take this tax form and put it in a shredder if I received one in Oregon.

I really wish this form was a joke myself. So even if I buy my cartons from a Seneca shop and I lived in Oregon, I still have to report my own orders? What school did these Oregon politicians graduate from?

If this becomes a trend in other states and IL/Cook/Chicago kindly asks me to report any orders I made myself, then they can only wish I'd do the "right thing." ; )

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