Monday, November 12, 2007

I went to a cigar party 2 days ago

That was a nice party. It was a dream party for a guy who's attracted to ladies smoking cigars. I saw several women smoking cigars in there myself. At least those ladies were smoking big cigars and not the Swisher Sweet and Black & Mild cigars that are almost as small as a cig.

I smoked a big cigar myself. I had a mild one, although it didn't taste lke a light cigar. One lady told me to "Don't inhale [the cigar smoke]."

I think I inhaled a little bit of cigar smoke, and I got some tobacco bits in my mouth as well.

No wonder I hardly see cigar smokers in public. These things take too long to smoke. It took me almost an hour to smoke the whole cigar. I didn't like folks lighting my cigar several times. It kept going out by itself if I didn't drag on it for a while.

As they say practice makes perfect. I'm sure once I become more used to smoking cigars, it will take less time for me to smoke a whole one. I actually liked the taste once I got used to taking drags on the big stogie. But cigars are more suitable for indoor smoking to me.

Smoking a cigar is a lot different than smoking a cigarette. But I still enjoyed my first-cigar experience.

Oh yeah. I also learned I need a bigger lighter to light one up. I was told a Bic lighter won't work on a big cigar.

Aside from smoking the cigar, I played pool and danced a little bit. Some ladies told me "You look nice." Maybe I'll have an updated pic of myself once I see the pics taken from the party.

After smoking that cigar, I didn't bother smoking a Newport for 3 hours.

It was nice seeing several smokers having a good time at the party. Whetha they were smoking cigars or cigs. If there wasn't an antismoking culture, it would be more common to see more parties of this nature being open to the general public. I can understand fully why that party wasn't open to the general public anyway.

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