Sunday, November 4, 2007

The ex Surgeon General is a liar

This is a message I received from Lynda Farley herself. I agree that ALL Surgeon Generals are liars. And it's sad fake tests ave to be used in order to convnce America SHS and smokers are both dangerous.

I know a sista with a stogie won't get any breaks. Whether you smoke cigs, cigars, or pipe tobacco, you are the most despiciable person on planet Earth according to a SG!


Hello, here is what I've been waiting for! (see below) I tell folks every day that our ex surgeon general, 'Dr.' Carmona, LIED, and got fired. Yes, his press releases were BIG FAT WHOPPING lies, and all anyone needs do to confirm that statement is to READ his own report. There is NOTHING in there to justify the comments he made to the press. And, on the basis of his comments to the press, horribly unjust, and economically devastating (and UNCONSTITUTIONAL!) smoking bans have been spreading like wild fire across the United States. These smoking bans essentially re-institute SEGREGATION, which instead of being based on race is now based on 'smoking'. These bans result in smokers being forced out into the snow, -40 degree wind chills, or 105 degrees; weather conditions it is probably (in many areas) illegal to force dogs and cattle. Many just stay home, essentially becoming hermits. In addition, false supposedly 'scientific' basis such as this is being used to justify employment discrimination against smokers, and even to remove custody of CHILDREN from LOVING PARENTS. HUGE injustices are being based on LIES. Now OFFICIAL ACTION is being taken to redress this wrong.

To my spiritual friends, God HATES LIES, even if there is a worthy purpose such as stuffing the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry (at the expense of our tobacco industry).

To all who just 'hate the smell' of smoke, it is UNCONSCIONABLE to treat 25% of the US population as a sort of 'new leper class', just because of your 'dislike' of a smell. IN FACT no one else is being actually hurt by smoke.

Also, if you missed this, the
World Health Organization is lying about THEIR OWN 'second hand smoke' study, which found only ONE statistically significant result, 22% LESS lung cancer among those whose PARENTS SMOKED:

Lynda Farley

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