Thursday, November 15, 2007

An ACS rep on TV didn't say smoking is the main cause for lung cancer

I watched that segment on The View show. The segment with Whoopi trying to kick the smoking habit. She had an ACS rep on there as a guest. At least that woman representing the ACS admitted on national TV that even nonsmokers are getting lung cancer. Another host of The View tried to get the rep to confess that smoking is the main cause of lung cancer. But I was surprised the ACS rep didn't say smoking is the #1 cause....the rep said lung cancer is spreading around to many folks.

That's the closest positive thing I can say on seeing the segment. An ACS rep not blaming smoking as the #1 cause for lung cancer! That's news to me in itself! And thanks, ACS rep, for telling all Americans that smokers ain't the only ones who can get lung cancer! I bet that show is gonna get lots of complaints form antismokers who watched the show. They don't wanna hear "Other things can cause lung cancer, and even nonsmokers can get it."

I guess the truth hurts, antis. I forgot today is Great American Smokeout Day. But I'm not gonna stop enjoying my menthols for a whole day.

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