Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What smoking means to me

(Originally posted in my Alliance group. With the addition of how I'd describe a cig.)

Before I became a smoker, I'm not afraid to admit I was brainwashed by anti poisonanda myself as a little boy. I used to nag about my mother's smoking a lot. And needless to say, she got angry. Some people thought it was wrong for her to encourage trying a cig for myself before I snitch about it.

I was actually scared to try a Newport when this old 8th grade classmate Crystal offered me one from her pack. Since I was under the impression that cigs can kill me back then, I actually thought I was gonna die if I smoked that menthol. Yes, anti poisonanda existed in my teen years, albeit it was as big back then as it is now.

I still remember shaking nervously as I put the menthol in my mouth. But then when I lit it, she told me to suck on it. And while I did enjoy the minty taste, I still remember coughing and feel like I was getting high when I tried to inhale.

I bet if an anti asked "How can you guys smoke these?" he would have to keep on experimenting in order to find out for himself. I smoked now and then as a teen. But I didn't become a regular smoker til I got into college at UIC.

College is the first time I actually inhaled, and unlike my teen years, 19 is when I had no problems inhaling the Newport smoke. Once I got used to inhaling, that's when I learned why my mother enjoys smoking, and I also learned why most smokers of my type prefer menthols. It took me until 21 to even find a regular cig brand I liked the taste of period.

Smoking to me is an outlet to happiness. I said before if it wasn't for me becoming a smoker, I probably would be a much worse person. Especially when you hear about more teens in modern times taking up drugs and becoming alcoholics and gang type of teens.

What is a cigarette? Well my version of a cigarette is a long tube that is stuffed with pleasure inside of it. If it smells like mint inside of that tube, then that menthol would be my first choice when it comes to lighting one up. The cig actually smells good on the lit end. It smells better than smelling trash outside.

My mother told me in order to enjoy smoking, I got to develop a taste for tobacco. Well it took me longer to develop a taste for normal tobacco. But with the mint tobacco, I just had to get used to the proper way of enjoying a cigarette. As much as antis like to view menthols as Big Tobacco's way of attracting more Blacks to smoking, I view menthols as an alternative option for those who like smoking but they want a better way to enjoy smoking tobacco.

And with some menthol brands, while I know I'm smoking tobacco, you couldn't tell by the taste of the menthol. Since you taste a lot more mint than tasting actual tobacco while you enjoy the cig. Salems and Benson & Hedges Menthols are two menthol brands that fit this description.

Makes me wonder why there aren't any other flavored cig brands out there. Like grape-flavored cigs, chocolate-flavored cigs, or even a cig brand that tastes like drinking Pepsi. LOL!!

I guess more flavored cig brands would mean more stupid anti claims. Like "Big Tobacco is still trying to attract kids to smoking." Tell me something new, Mr. Anti. Otherwise, go to heck! I know clove cigs come in different flavors. And cigars come in different flavors too. But it would be cool if I smoked a normal cig that looks like a Newport. Except it has lemon-lime flavoring in it instead of menthol.

Smoking gives me a feeling no nonsmoker can understand. I think there's some truth to smoking calming one's nerves. I can't handle sitting down for hours without smoking and expect to remain calm and patient.

These smoking bans don't make it easy for me to live as a smoker. Because if I can't smoke for hours in a park, a beach, or inside of the United Center (a smoke-free sports arena in Chicago), believe me, the other side of my personality will come out. Someone who knows me knows it's time for me to have a refreshing menthol when I start swearing or say things I don't mean to say.

When I light up that cig, I feel relieved. And I start thinking normal again. And if I am talking to someone, I return to that normal language.

I wish smoke authorities would give me a break when it comes to me "forgetting" about a smoking ban. No smoking for me would mean people would see the Jay they don't want to see. It's my personal belief if more of these authorities and antis smoked themselves, they WOULD see the stupidity behind smoking bans.

Smoking to them is deadly and a cancer stick. Smoking to me is a life-saver when it comes to keeping certain folks in society positive folks. That tobacco in a cig is more valuable than what most in society think.

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