Friday, October 26, 2007

We getting close to 2008

Now that the weather is getting colder, it's gonna get more inconvient to smoke outside. Anyone who has read a lot of my blog posts knows how I feel about trying to obey the "Take it outside" rule even in cold weather.

But when that clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, good luck to even the state cops in IL trying to enforce no smoking in an IL tavern or club.

Heck, good luck to the Chicago cops in trying to enforce the park/beach bans when we get into spring and summer.

Maybe next year is when I will get my partial wish. Of seeing more smokers be disobedient at the discriminatory-like smoking bans. A smoking ban can't work if it's not enforced. And it can't be enforced when you have groups of folks lighting up Newports, Marlboros, and cigars in even outdoor areas (like those parks in Chicago).

I believe not smoking causes lung cancer AND not smoking makes people less mature and less smarter than myself.

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