Monday, October 15, 2007

Updated Profile on here

I notice in recent weeks, more visitors have been viewing my blog. If any smoking fetishers are viewing this page, yes, I'm the same Jay who's related with promoting Smoking Rachel online. Rachel is a real and serious smoker who believes in smokers rights herself.

If anyone wants to know more info on, you can view the link I left within my profile. That link will take you to ANOTHER smoking fetish-related site called Best Smoking Sites.

Rachel gets credit for building bestsmokingsites a few years ago, but that site is actually related with myself. Since that site is also the modern home of "Jay's Smoking Links," a site I originally made myself back in September 2000. It got zapped once in 2004, and then again at another site server. I'm sure antis B'ched about Jy's Smoking Links, and that's how the site got zapped.

So far, it looks like Jay's Smoking Links has a permanent home at Best Smoking Sites.

I do know there are so many prosmoking sites online, it might make an antismoker have a heart attack. Good luck to those morons if they think they can wipe away any site that deals with making smoking look positive. At least nobody forces them to visit those sites I enjoy (including smokers rights sites).

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