Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Smoking ban proposal for Chicago parks and beaches

I dunno why the heck I didn't hear about this til late this afternoon. But it looks like park officials in Chicago want to see smoking banned in parks and beaches.

If more smokers recognized the truth behind these smoking bans, you probably would see more smokers engaging in civil disobedience. I could actually see civil disobedience happening at a crowded beach or in a park at midnite.

How are cops gonna enforce no smoking on crowded beaches? If I'm outside late at night in a park on a summer evening, and a cop pulls up at 12 am just to gimme a GD ticket for smoking i a park when I'm the ONLY person in the park, then that shows that cop thinks ticketing me for smoking in a park is more important than stopping thieves frm pulling off a heist in Chicago.

Enforcing an indoor smoking ban is easier for cops. But enforcing a beach/park smoking ban is a heck of a lot more tougher. And I hope I end up being right on the latter.

(some more thoughts I had on this topic)

I wouldn't be surprised if the folks in Springfield are voting to ban smoking in all cars and homes in IL as we speak

I was being a lil sarcastic. But I wouldn't be surprised if the next thing to become smoke-free in IL are homes and cars. But yet, you won't hear about the proposal or the voting session til the night before the scheduled voting on the proposal. Just like with this proposal on vanning smoking in parks and beaches in Chicago. I didn't hear about it til I read an email from a Trib reporter (that she sent this afternoon).

Most smokers/smoking ban opposers would agree when I say "I'd appreciate it if you folks in the Chicago council would inform the citizens about the proposal weeks in advance."

I guess IL's motto is "Lets slowly turn IL into a smoke-free state by banning smoking outdoors, and we won't say a word to the public." Not saying a word to the public days in advance will make smokers outraged. There's nothing I can do about it. But I think most opposers of smoking bans would agree when I say "I'd appreciate it if you tell the public about the proposal weeks in advance, so we unbrainwshed smokers can think of ideas on how to fight it.

I did hear the workers swept up MILLIONS of cig butts outta the sand this past summer. Maybe putting up ashtray bins would help decrease the number of butts in the sand. But if you don't like sweeping up my cig butts period, then quit your darn job if you don't think putting up ashtrays would help BOTH of us!

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dumpstermcnuggets said...

I totally agree with you, Jay. I found it very sneaky that after reading about the proposed ban, that it was only proposed on such short notice.

I was actually trying to find the email address of Timothy J. Mitchell(Superintendent/CEO of the Chicago Park District), and of all the 7 Chicago Park District Commissioners, but didn't succeed in finding any such information on the Park District website, unfortunately.

However, I do recommend if you able to read this message before 4pm(the time of today's meeting, when the smoking ban proposal goes for a vote among Park District Commissioners), you should use this contact form to write your disapproval of the proposed beach smoking ban, and to ask them to install ashtray towers throughout all beaches, like I did last night: http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/contact.home.cfm

-*Crossing my fingers the beach ban doesn't pass*, Allan