Saturday, October 6, 2007

Smokers need to thank President Bush

I personally hate Bush. But as they say, I need to give him credit where it's due. He vetoed the idea of raising smokers' taxes to help fund SCHIP, a program related with kids. ALL smokers should either email him or leave a phone comment by simply telling him the reason why "I thank you for viewing smokers as Americans."

My thanks to him is below the line I made. I do agree with a brotha (from a group based on my race) that if Bush wasn't wasting millions of bucks in Iraq, he could help fund SCHIP himself. But at least he doesn't like the idea of smokers funding SCHIP.


(I actually don't feel comfy in posting a phone numba, even with it being a comments phone numba....but this numba IS posted in my group)

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From: Jay
Sent: Saturday, October 6, 2007 10:04:21 AM
Subject: Thanks President Bush for your veto decision

Dear President Bush,

You made the right decision in vetoing the idea of increasing smokers' taxes as a way of funding SCHIP. Smokers shouldn't be taxed because as someone else said, I'm not an ATM machine. If SCHIP needs help in funding, there should be other ways to fund that program. Smokers are first-class Americans. Not a group of Americans who should be treated as money slaves. And I thank you again for recognizing smokers as Americans who should be first-class citizens. Adding more tobacco taxes would make it more difficult for them to pay for a pack. Maybe SCHIP forgot about the higher the pack, the more likely I'm not going to buy that pack and I won't end up helping SCHIP out at the same time.

Thanks again!


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x said...

I also thanked our president and suggested he tax diapers. Kind of a user fee for those who keep grinding them out..those who can't feed 'em but breed 'em, let alone having insurance.