Thursday, October 11, 2007

Menthols contain no fiberglass

I think every anti knows how Big Tobacco uses menthols to attract people like myself to smoking. I'm not gonna deny I wouldn't be smoking if menthols disappear. But some smokers also think menthols have fiberglass in them. Well this page I found on the Web confirms menthols do NOT have fiberglass in them.

Whetha you want to believe it or not is up to you. But I know I never viewed menthols as cigs with fiberglass. I did get a laugh out of that cited page when some people rumored that Menthols are more dangerous to smoke because Big Tobacco is out to kill Blacks. Whoever came up with that dumb-A rumor on Big Tobacco trying to kill "us" by making menthol brands forgot that we ain't the only ones who smoke menthols.

I don't think Big Tobacco is trying to kill more Blacks and more women. They're just trying to make smoking convient for everyone.

Most of Black smokers (myself included) prefer mint-flavored tobacco to smoke. And some women smokers told me in the past if 120s never existed, they never would've decided to smoke....because those women hate smoking 100s and kings.

One thang I did learn online is the menthol in my cigs is actually in the filters and in the cig tubes. According to this small tobacco company's site, they're the only ones who make a menthol brand by actually blending in the menthol with the tobacco itself. I think 32 Degrees is the name of the brand on that site of the General Tobacco company.

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