Wednesday, October 17, 2007

If you like smoking at the beach, don't come to Chicago

It's official. You can not smoke in the parks and at beaches in Chicago.

I guess one positive thing about living in Chicago as a smoker is there are more smokers in the city that what the local media thinks.

If that Fed tax on cigs passes, then Chicago will become the #1 city with the highest cig prices in the nation. I never imagined paying 10 bucks for a pack of menthols, since Kools used to be only 65 cents per pack years ago.

But I know seeing 2 digits in the price of a pack is not something to cheer about in the Windy City. That would mean more business for folks who sell packs in the rough areas of the city.
I wonder what's next for a city that's not even close to being a Promised Land in the 21st century. Maybe an outdoor smoking ban altogether?

Good luck in enforcing that new ban, Chicago. I can see people getting outraged while they smoke and get their beach tans.

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