Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I tried a pack of menthols made outside of the USA

I'm under the impression small tobacco companies within the USA actually have their brands made outside of America. I tried a pack of Silver menthols recently. While they taste like a menthol (and this menthol actually tastes better than the menthol Big Tobacco uses), they also taste more like actual tobacco is i them.

I'm under the impression non-USA cigs are additive free, since some countries have regulations on what can not be added in cigs. Compared to Newports, Silver Menthols taste like somethang is missing in them when I take drags and inhale the minty smoke.

And there's regulation on the amount of nicotine that can be in foreign cigs. Particularly European cigs. A Marlboro Red in the UK tastes more like an American version of a Marlboro Light. That's what UK smokers in the past told me.

I know if Big Tobacco was forced to follow regulations like the European tobacco companies have to follow, you would see a lot more smokers in America. Especially more under-18 smokers. Of course in modern times, more kids who are close to adolescence start smoking too. If cigs were additive-free, more people would enjoy smoking actual tobacco in the cigs. Additive-free cigs are less risky, but no cig is 100 percent safe.

I wouldn't like the idea of regulating nic though. Because regulating nic means smokers will smoke more and buy more packs/cartons.

I guess the reason why one small tobacco company in the US have their cigs made in Colombia is because they wanna keep themselves under the radar as much as possible. If more smokers smoked and enjoyed small tobacco brands, the company would be forced to raise the prices and then antis would learn about the small company too.

I notice small tobacco companies don't sell their brands offline (at least not in my town). I guess it's because of the cigs being made outside of the US and not to mention possibly being additive-free? A lot of brands sold offline are stale-a** igs here. Unless you buy a Newport pack from a dealer in underground fashion.

I am impressed with the taste of these Silver Menthols. Someone said they're cheap in price. But they don't taste cheap to me.

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