Sunday, October 14, 2007

A $100/month fee for Trib workers who smoke?

I see someone left comments on here. I will delete only one of them since Lynda told me she got in contact with the person who asked about her on here.

Anyway, here's a totally F'ked up article on Trib workers being charged a $100 per month fee if the workers smoke or if the workers' dependants smoke.

This is discrimination of smokers taken to a new level.

The Trib oughta be lucky I'm not a journalist with them. I'd resign from my job after hearing this bull (well it IS bull to me...I keep my thoughts real). I'm not gonna quit smoking just to please an employer. And my dependents can't smoke? So that means even if I never smoked, if I had a sis in my life who lived with me but she smoked, I'd still have to pay the crappy $100 fee per month?

Screw the Trib. They oughta charge obese workers 500 bucks per month.

This is also a good reason for smokers to avoid buying a Trib newspaper, and not visit their site anymore. I know I ain't reading the Trib anymore.

$100 per month! When I raise my finger, I can see why the Trib is the #1 newspaper source in Chicago...#1 for a different reason!

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dumpstermcnuggets said...

Here are some more Tribune-owned papers to boycott, if you ever find yourself in another part of the country. And btw, use the internet INSTEAD, if one of these papers is the only local paper around(found this info, thanks to wikipedia):

Newsday (Long Island, NY)
Los Angeles Times
Chicago Tribune
RedEye (condensed version of Chicago Tribune)
Baltimore Sun
AM New York
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Orlando Sentinel
The Hartford Courant
The Morning Call (Allentown, PA)
Daily Press (Newport News, VA)
The Advocate (Stamford, CT)
Greenwich Time (CT)
Hoy (spanish-language newspaper)
El Sentinel (Orlando)