Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Does America want to see this happen to smokers down the line? (sorta off-topic)

I was furious after I just read an article this morning about a sis in West Virginia got raped and tortured by 6 (I'll just say) individuals. I can look up into the sky and say "Thank you!" for those 6 holes getting arrested.

I wouldn't be surprised if smokers are getting raped and tortured out there. Similar to the way this sis was tortured. They cut her ankles off and tore all of her hair off of the head among other things (other things were too graphic for this post).

Just like with the media keeping themselves quiet on incidents like this (and I personally know why you won't hear this on the news...they don't wanna admit racism is still prevalent in modern times), I bet the media doesn't say word about smokers getting raped and tortured because they believe smokers DESERVE to receive that deadly treatment.

As much as antis wanna deny smokers getting discrimination, I wouldn't be surprised if I hear of female smokers getting kidnapped, raped, and tortured in the future. We need to make society wake up on the truth of SHS and the truth of smoking bans before this 2nd class treatment reaches a level I'm REALLY used to. I know I'd have no choice but to get violent as part of self-defense if a group of antis ever attempted to kidnap me and attempt to make me feel serious pain for just being a smoker.

I'm not sharing the article because its sorta off-topic. And I got it as an email only. If that sis used to be a fellow Black smoker as well, that gives me another reason to be mad, We're supposedly so concerned about SHS (we as a nation). But yet, the media keeps quiet when they hear of kidnappings and murders based on solely racist issues.

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