Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back Taxes on Internet Cig Purchases

How come states don't demand back taxes on other net purchases but they want their back taxes on cigs? Simple. This is a form of discrimination against smokers. The states wanna go after smokers because they will comply with coughing up hundreds or 1000s of bucks in the form of back taxes. I know I'm not coughing up sheet on back taxes for cigs bought off of the net...ever!

If it was not discrimination against smokers, then the states would lower the taxes on cigs if they learned more smokers were buying cigs online. Paying back taxes won't convince smokers to buy cigs in their home state. It'll convince the smokers to look into other ways to get those smokes.

But lowering or getting rid of the extra taxes on packs/cartons is one REAL way to convince a smoker like me to ever buy cigs again within my home state.

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