Thursday, August 16, 2007

Unfair tobacco taxes won't stop me and mills of others from lighting up smokes

Smokers WILL find ways to avoid paying the discriminatory taxes. One female smoker I talked to recently thought I was joking with her when I mentioned I read online articles involving cig carton heists in stores and smoke shops. I bet stealing cartons and then reselling the packs in the strets would've been a joke 30 years ago when a pack was a lot more affordable for smokers of all income classes.

She thought it was stupid for folks to steal cartons. But based on cigs being too darn expensive, and combined with dealers in the streets reselling those stolen packs, I told her these are two reasons why this alternative method for getting cigs is more common. I don't agree with the method myself. The only way this method can be eliminated is if we ever see realistic prices for cig packs again.

Some smokers might try GROWING their own tobacco. This is an alternative for smokers as well. Growing tobacco might become more common if tobacco becomes illegal like weed. Part of me still believes tobacco should be illegal if we're gonna have "smoking bans" at all. If I'm banned from smoking tobacco in places, why bother selling it to me? Smoking bans are all about money too. And not just about showing discrimination to smokers by banning smoking.

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