Friday, August 31, 2007

Taxes, taxes, taxes

Smokers in IL are being taxed so heavily, it ain't funny. Same applies to the USA smokers. SInce I heard about an increase on the Federal cig tax or something like that.

Since most smokers are poor, do politicians think smokers are rich folks who make millions of bucks playing sports? I gotta bust my behind off just to make a living. And IL wants me to cough up my hard-earned money since I chose to become a smoker. I even heard the rich are the ones who benefit from the taxes smokers pay for. Including politicians.

When will this discrimination based on my choice to smoke stop? Based on how much money politicians and anti orgs make off of tobacco taxes alone, they oughta thank me for buying cigs. Because if I chose not to smoke, they wouldn't be so freaking rich. Check that. They wouldn't be rich if millions of folks in America weren't buying tobacco period.

But instead of thanking me, they want me to pay more with their greedy attitudes.
If they keep taxing and taxing, they won't get sheet from ANY smoker. Because the more expensive cigs get, the more that will motivate people to quit smoking.

Two Qs: What would these greedy politicians do if every single smoker stopped smoking overnight? Where would IL politicians be at if every IL smoker moved outta state.

I know I will never quit just because of the slavery-like taxes. These taxes IS like slavery if you count a politician demanding me to fill his pocket with cash every time I buy a pack or carton. Based on how much money I spent on tobacco taxes over the years, maybe the politicians oughta fill MY POCKETS up with millions of bucks!

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