Sunday, August 12, 2007

A somewhat personal post

I'm sure some folks wonder why I like to tie in Afro-American issues into smoking issues at times. Well that article about US's ranking behind 41 otha countries is an example. Although it didn't have us Africans listed as the #1 reason for this country's low life expectancy ranking, it still places emphasis on us.

"Why is America ranked #42 in average life expectancies among people living in the world? Let's blame the Africans living in the USA! After all, a lot of them have the HIV which can shorten anyone's life! Besides, the countries with the lowest life expectancies are African-based nations with that same HIV/AIDS problem!"

This reminds me of: "Why did this nonsmoker die from cancer? Let's blame the smoker for smoking around him/her causing the death! This is proof that SHS DOES kill nonsmokers!"

Both of these hypothetical quotes are BULL to be perfectly honest.

The media can do everything it can to make us Africans look bad and evil. Despite the fact it's illegal to discriminate against us. But as I said in a smoking group, you can't blame me or my fellow Africans for making America's ranking so low. You can blame obesity for making the lives of Americans shorter. I think asthma might play a role in more babies dying before their first birthdays.

Seems like asthma wasn't common 20 years ago, when more folks smoked! And it wasn't common to see obese folks and babies dying before 1 year old back then eitha!

I know Big Tobacco oughta be thankful that there are mills of African smokers in America. Because even if this nation had no Africans in it, that wouldn't help raise the life expectancy of otha long as Americans chow down on fast food every freakin day! But without us enjoying our cigs in America, a lot of tobacco companies that produce menthol cig brands would go outta business. Since it's true menthols are a lot more common among Afro-Americans that smoke.

Instead of blaming us for some of the sheet America sees (as well as not blaming smokers), how about blaming those fat folks for the sheet this nation gets?

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