Saturday, August 4, 2007

It oughta be illegal to ban smoking outside of ALL buildings

I just thought of something. The Bears decided to ban smoking at Soldier Field in accordance with the new IL statewide smoking ban.

Well, from what I read, the state ban doesn't include no smoking outdoors. Therefore, smokers should be allowed to smoke outside of ANY building or sports stadium in IL. Since there's no rule agains smoking outside of a building, it should be illegal for the Bears to ban smoking outside of their stadium! As a matter of fact, Soldier Field is an OUTDOOR stadium! Which technically means, smoking should be allowed even inside of the stadium. Since folks and players are still outdoors watching the game.

I wonder if smokers who are Bear fans can sue their behinds for illegally banning smoking there. Especially since the Bears claim the decision is related with the state ban...and I'd ask em "Show me the EXACT LINE of the IL state ban that specifically says smoking is prohibited outside of buildings."

I know about the darn 15 ft rule outside, but that's besides the point I'm clearly making.

This isn't the exact post I had in mind to add on this topic. But this is my last post on this topic for my group and blog.

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