Thursday, August 30, 2007

I made the life of one American smoker better

Some of this negativity I deal with as a smoker comes from the media. I remember that life expectancy article that hinted if I was kicked out of the USA, then the average life of Americans would go up. The media also wants to blame me and my cigs for more nonsmokers dying from cancer. Based on media illogic, I'm surprised they never said "Let's kick all smokers out of the USA to make nonsmokers' lives longer."

But on a positive note, I made the life of one American smoker better instead of "worse." Albeit we both live in the same hood. Aside from both of us being in the same culture, she's a smoker with asthma, and she gets outraged herself when people encourage her to quit because of her having asthma. I simply told her that smoking did not give her asthma, nor does smoking menthols or ANY tobacco is gonna make her asthma worse.

I asked her "If it was true smoking makes asthma worse, how come you're still living after 15 years of being a smoker? These folks in society wanna make you believe that you will die if you smoke with asthma within 15 DAYS it seems like. But they're wrong."

She thought about my words, and she now feels more positive in terms of enjoying life as a smoker. She now ignores brainwashed folks in society who criticize her for her decision to smoke despite being asthmatic. If you enjoy something like cigs, smoke them. Don't let society make you feel bad as a smoker, and there are LOTS of asthmatic smokers out there who enjoy them,

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