Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I almost got ticketed for smoking outside

I really wish I was playing (or joking) in the title, but I actually got tickted while smoking outside downtown yesterday...almost ticketed since I got a break from the cop when he said "You seem like a nice guy. Just take this as a warning."

I'll explain what happened. I was smoking outside near the elevator entrance/exit, which leads you to the subway downstairs. I saw NO sign whatsoever that said "No smoking in this area." And on top of that, I can get a ticket for smoking OUTSIDE? Do people get ticketed for drinking in the elevator area outside? I highly doubt it.

It's slowly starting to become even more inconvient to smoke outside. Well no cop doesn't need to worry about me smoking near an elevator entrance again. I can only laugh at the idea of getting a ticket for smoking in the wrong area outside. Those freaky cops oughta save those tickets for something that's a real threat to folks in the streets. Like speed drivers. I am far from being a threat by simply smoking outside.

Before someone reminds me about the screwed-up 15 ft rule, I'll respectfully say an elevator entrance doesn't lead you into a building...therefore it doesn't count as a building entrance to me.

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