Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Govts control everyone's lives

I learned today governments in some countries control what people are even allowed to listen to for music. And some govts prohibit America-based TV programs. I was like "What the heck?"

I guess ALL govts worldwide must think they're our Mommy and Daddy. What's the freaking point of living on Earth if we have govts telling us what we can do and can NOT do?

I dunno how some of these politicians get voted into offices. But I think if all voters were smokers, govts wouldn't be able to get away with controlling the lives of owners. I wish there was a way to find out which candidates on a ballot were actual smokers. Because I'd vote for a smoking candidate. Although it's true while some politicians may smoke, they're also poisoned by antismoking logic. Making them brainwashed smokers.

I know what I'd do if I was President of the US. I'd make smoking bans illegal, make county taxes and city taxes on cig packs illegal, and I'd make it illegal for an employer to deny a person a job simply because he/she smokes. All smokers don't need to get a taste of treatment older generations of my culture used to get. And smokers need to make a living themselves. How can a smoker buy tobacco if the employer won't give him/her a job?

I guess even if I won an election, I'd need bodyguards whenever I go outside. LOL

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