Thursday, August 23, 2007

A cigarette

A cigarette is a piece of paper rolled up with good-smelling tobacco in it. A menthol cig smells darn good too. It just has mint flavoring added to the tobacco inside of that precious cig.

I like to smell the cig before I put it in my mouth. Sometimes I look more like a shadow with a cig in my mouth when smoking at night.

I flick the lighter, and I take a drag on the lightup. Most folks like exhaling the lightup drag. But I don't, because that minty smoke belongs inside of me where it can help me relax. The smoke I inhale on drags help take my mind off of negative sheet going on in life.

Anyone who approaches me as I spend time with myself and the menthol friend better be a smoker too, or at least a nonsmoker with some sense. Otherwise, when it's just me and my friend, leave me the F alone. My menthol friend gives me the only real pleasure in my life at least 30 times per day. And an antismoker doesn't give me happiness at all. An antismoker is a moralist who needs to find his OWN "20 friends" in order to understand the positive side of smoking.

Society thinks the SHS from my menthol friend is like me holding a gun. If smoking (1st hand smoke or 2nd hand smoke) is the same thing as me holding a gun, then how come I never see bullets coming out of a cig whenever I drag on it?

And if SHS is so dangerous to inhale, how come nobody has ever dropped dead in front of me while I smoke around the person? How come people never dropped dead from inhaling cig smoke in stores, theaters, and on planes during the days before antismoking poisonanda developed?

If anyone thinks I'm gonna quit enjoying my menthol friends, you gotta be crazy. One day I pulled a friend outta my pack, and I heard a voice in my head saying:

"I don't want to go outside myself, Jay. Let's have fun inside. And besides, I smell weed smoke in this restroom. Meaning it would be hard for anyone to tell if you've been smoking me. And besides, what are they gonna do to you anyway? Put you in jail for smoking a legal product? Screw em and light me up PLEASE!!! I want my minty and refreshing smoke to make you feel happy about life."

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