Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blago is a dumb governor

I saw a chart online that shows the CTA fare increase as of Sep. 16.

Luckily for me, the CTA is giving a break to disabled ones by not raising the reduced fares. But a roundtrip ride between home and Wrigley would cost just about as much as a pack of cigs in the suburbs at the new FULL fare prices.

And then if I was forced to buy a pack daily, I'd be spending at least 14 bucks total for roundtrip ride and the pack combined.

Blago not only doesn't give a darn about smokers in IL. He also doesn't give a darn about CTA buses breaking down in Chicago on a daily basis. His belief is if the CTA wants more money to improve their service, "Why should I give you money outta my pocket? Just raise the fares and force the poor people to give you more money to ride. If a minority person can afford to pay 8 bucks for a pack, he/she can afford 6 bucks roundtrip in order to travel a long way to his/her workplace on the CTA."

Based on how much money I'm coughing up to live in this town, I deserve to get permission to smoke in places. But at least I get breaks with reduced fares.

Blago is almost like IL's version of a President Bush. He visits Chicago a lot. But he's not interested in solving the problems this city has. I didn't even mention the more problems Chicago will see in relation with the new state smoking ban! Here's a hint. How about fewer tourists visiting IL period in 2008, let alone Chicago?

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