Friday, August 24, 2007

Banning Smoking Outdoors

This is actually an old post I saved but never posted til today. And I turned moderation off on here for comments,

"While health appears to be the main reason for banning smoking outdoors, officials said fire safety and littering also play a role."

(This was a quote from an article I read back in July)

So we should ban smoking outdoors so we won't start unnecessary fires, and so smokers can stop littering the streets,

I heard of some forest fires in CA, Not caused by smoking, but by dry weather. When a place gets no rain, those fires will happen. Meanwhile, most smokers are responsible smokers. And that includes kids who smoke. I've heard of house fires caused by irresponsible smoking. But I never heard of fires breaking outside anywhere in a city with a smoking ban.

The solution for stopping fires caused by smoking outdoors (although I personally believe those are rare)? Put up some ashtrays outside of every restaurant, tavern, and other buildings.

As far as littering goes, I've said it in the past. If people were allowed to smoke inside as they should, then littering while smoking outside wouldn't be an issue. And that's another reason why we need more ashtrays outside of buildings. So folks wouldn't be littering the sidewalks with butts and empty packs.

I guess I can see outdoor workers in smaller cities complaining about sweeping cig butts and empty packs. Tell your town or state to revoke the smoking ban so life can be a heck of a lot easier for yourself while on the job. Otherwise, if you hate sweeping up butts, then quit your job. What's the point of making money if you hate your job?

Ohhhh...I get it. It's the same ol excuse nonsmoking workers use in smoking-permitted taverns. "I have no choice but to work here because I NEED the money. And I also need to be protected from SHS if I AM gonna be forced to work here."

In the case of an outdoor worker, he/she is forced to sweep up litter left by smokers because "That's the only job they can get." Gimme a break. Nobody is forced to take a job of sweeping up cig butts and empty packs outside You decided to take the job yourself. So you gotta live with your decision of being a street worker instead of taking away smokers' rights to smoke outside too.

I know if the IL state ban extends to no smoking anywhere outdoors, then you will see civil disobedience go up to a new level. Especially if an anti or cop tries asking someone "You can't smoke out here."

But if there were ashtrays outside of every building, or if smoking bans were revoked, then you wouldn't have to worry about littering, fires, and smokers getting outraged when told to put it out while OUTDOORS of all places!

Banning smoking inside is one thing, and one thing I dislike. But banning smoking outside is crossing the line in terms of my freedoms as a smoker in America. I'd appreciate it if I could smoke in places (including outdoor places) other than my own home.

Some cities have banned smoking in parks. I know if I was in that park on a quiet night, no smoke cop can catch me smoking. Especially if I'm the only person in that park.

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