Sunday, August 12, 2007

Americans have shorter lives than folks in 41 other countries

US is behind 41 other countries in terms of life expectancy rankings.

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The article mentions obese people, babies dying before their first birthdays, and Africans as three of the reasons for the US being ranked so low. There were other reasons (including lots of Americans not having health insurance), but these three reasons caught my attention the most.

Obesity makes perfect sense. America makes obesity sound perfectly normal. But America needs to stop encouraging people to eat fast food every day if they wanna live longer. We praise obesity, but yet we make smokers sound like criminals.

Babies dying before their 1st birthdays? That's sad in itself. That's probably due to new moms not knowing how to nourish their babies properly.

And we have the lowest life expectancies than other Americans. At least the article didn't say "Smoking causes Africans to have much shorter lives." I know even if we never existed in America, that wouldn't reduce the number of obese Americans. And it wouldn't stop babies from living for less than 1 full year. Regardless of how long the average person of my type lives, one doesn't need to be blaming Africans for US' low ranking. That's a moot point to me. Obese folks outnumber us in America anyway.

Article quote:
Policymakers also should focus on ways to reduce cancer, heart disease and lung disease, said Murray. He advocates stepped-up efforts to reduce tobacco use, control blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and regulate blood sugar.

How is reducing tobacco use gonna make fewer Americans obese, and help babies live much longer? And since more people have stopped smoking in recent years, that says a lot about America being behind 41 other countries! That shows quitting smoking does NOT make Americans' lives longer. Other factors in their lifestyle determine how long they will live (ie: eating habits, lack of exercise, and that popular risk assosciated with "us" engaging in the other S activity).

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