Sunday, July 8, 2007

UK man got arrested for refusing to put cig out

I read this article about a UK man getting arrested for refusing to put his cig out. The smoker gets props for protesting the UK smoking ban by chainsmoking at the pub (That's smoking one cig after another, for any nons who never heard of chainsmoking).

You have to scroll up within the link in order to read the article.

But that cop who snatched the cig outta the smoker's mouth oughta get fired! Anyone who still thinks there's no discrimination towards smokers is blindfolded! Snatching a cig outta smoker's mouth is no different from someone snatching a lady's purse. She will try to catch the robber and beat the living crap outta him. I'd beat the crap out of a cop for not only snatching a cig out of my mouth. But for showing discrimination towards me as a smoker publicly.

I wouldn't care if I went to jail for beating up a smoke cop. I'd remind him "Excuse me 'boy.' I could see it if you wanna ticket me for smoking in a pub after refusing to put it out myself. But you deserve one of these for snatching a cig out of my mouth and then stomp on it!" (POW in the cop's face).

I bet a lot of more crimes are going on in the UK, now that the cops are more focused on arresting smokers. This is a screwed-up world!

If cops terrorizing smokers becomes more of a habit as time goes along, I really hope those smokers learn to defend themselves from smoke cops. Giving me a ticket is one thing. But snatching cigs is crossing the line. AND I have no choice but to give that motha a taste of my other side with getting my fists warmed up. I won't mind spending a night in jail in exchange for almost killing a smoke cop with my fists and kicks instead of a using a weapon. He deserves to feel pain big time!

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