Thursday, July 26, 2007

Smokers who wanna quit shouldn't use tax increases as an excuse

"I like smoking, but I'm all for being healthy, too," she said. "Anything that helps you think of quitting is good."

So, ma'am, you think raising the prices will make you quit? You don't need to wait til IL raise tobacco taxes before you decide to quit. You can quit at ANY time if you really want to!

Of course, I agree with most of the smokers in the article this quote comes from. Raising the cig tax won't make me quit enjoying the pleasure of smoking menthols. But it will change me on HOW I get cigs. Buy outta state as I've been doing already, buy online, I gotta do whatever it takes to save money on my habit AND avoid giving IL a single penny for cigs at the same time.

I can't stand smokers who use price increases and smoking bans as excuses for quitting. If you wanna stay healthy, you would've stopped smoking a lot sooner than now.

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