Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Random Thoughts

I oughta say I didn't mean to imply I hate living in America (in my previous blog post). I mean after all, this country was a much better place to live in when it WAS the actual land of the free. I'm an American when it comes to placing votes, and sending out emails to certain folks when smoking activists ask for help from others (by smokers sending out their own emails).

But I'm not apologizing for the way I see things in this country when it comes to smoking bans grill bans, and other stupid bans (when I think about being an African as well). Some rules in life actually make sense to me. But a lot of those "rules" deserve to be ignored (such as smoking bans and grill bans). But at least nobody makes a big deal about me smoking at a Metra train stop unless it was security of course.

I wasn't playing when I said "I hate folks of higher power who control Americans' minds." Controlling my mind won't be easy by establishing bogus rules in life.

If OBama ever becomes a president, you would see LOTS of changes in this country. Especially with America being involved in the Iraq war. I'd like to think he would change the antismoking culture too. But I heard he sadly supports antis since he's trying to quit smoking. It would be cool to not only have a president representing "us," but a president who smokes as well!

A president who's a fellow African-American smoker would agree with how I view smoking bans. But I guess an Obama-like president would also need bodyguards, whether he smokes or not.

I could see a President similar to being like Clinton where he disagrees with the attitude of smoking in illegal fashion publicly. And he even supports antis. But yet, the Clinton-like president smokes cigars himself! If America ever has a smoking President again (and regardless of who he represents), I hope he's actually darn proud to be a smoker instead of a brainwashed smoker. Brainwashed smokers are usually the same ones who actually believe in following no smoking signs. Or I should say, they actually believe in govts being their Big (freaking) Daddies.

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